Customer Experience

Stinker Stores Build Long-term Profitability with Multiple Credit Hosts

“As Stinker stores continue to earn an increasing share of the petroleum market, partnering with a proven, established company such as Fiscal Systems has been key to our success. As we continue to grow, Fiscal Systems onsite credit switch architecture has enabled Stinkers to expand our electronic payment offering beyond a single processor. Fiscal Systems is robust and built for long life, which is a great fit for our long term profitability.” – Cory Mooney, IT Manager Stinker Stores

United Refining Company Rolls Out the Same POS to Gas Kiosks and Truckstops

“From our cashier’s ease in learning the Fiscal POS equipment, to Fiscal’s willingness to work with United to get their products to more fully integrate with our pre-existing accounting systems, creating a more effective back office tool for our managers. Fiscal has proven that their systems have the flexibility to meet the operating needs of each retail location, from our smallest kiosk gasoline pumper to our full-blown truck stops. United has realized the benefit of the cooperative – team approach at Fiscal Systems.”  – Carol L. Lauser, Director Retail Administration United Refining Company

Sinclair Oil Saves Time Reconciling Electronic Payments with XML Exports

“Fiscal effectively created an XML feed that enabled Sinclair to consume data more effectively; the feed has been particularly useful in helping to reconcile the accounting aspects of our business. Additionally, due to wide variety of complex business operations at our properties, Fiscal has demonstrated dedication to our needs by creating a totally cohesive solution platform that serves our customer’s needs across the multiple business functions at our properties. Sinclair appreciates the dedication, ingenuity, and solutions delivered by Fiscal over the course of our long term relationship.” –  George Odencrantz, Vice-President Sinclair Services Company

Flynn’s Truck Plaza Sells More Diesel with Outdoor Payment Terminals

“I couldn’t be happier with Fiscal Systems. I’ve had their products since March 2006, and it has modernized my fuel desk and helps me put more gallons through my location. The Fiscal OPTs are great; drivers like the screens and actually use them far more than I imagined. I have the Fiscal system running my gas registers as well as my diesel desk and this has allowed me to more easily cross train cashiers. A new diesel cashier can be trained in half the time it previously took.

The Fiscal system allows me to process my own house charges electronically through the pumps, registers, and OPTs. This has been a great time savers for my cashiers, but an even greater time saver for my back office. We don’t need to handle the little signed tickets anymore; the Fiscal system manages the transactions quickly, accurately, and far more efficiently than before.

When I installed my system there was really no other option, nothing else on the market did what we needed, and I am still pleased with the system.” – Sean Flynn, Owner, Flynn’s Truck Plaza