TravStar1 POS EZ-Auth

TravStar1 POS EZ-Auth

Add truck fleet sales to your store’s revenue

Fiscal Systems, provider of POS systems to the nation’s largest truck stop chains, introduces the TravStar1 POS EZ-Auth. Now, any size store can increase sales with the ability to authorize truck fleet transactions for gas or diesel fuel.

Easy to use touchscreen

Color coded touchscreen displays reduce training time and errors, building customer loyalty as your cashiers quickly and efficiently authorize your customers’ transactions, getting them back on the road faster.

Install yourself in less than an hour

We know you are busy running your store so we made EZ-Auth POS ready to go – right out of the box. An online manual enables you to install your EZ-Auth POS yourself, in less than an hour.

Customized for your store

The Fiscal Systems team customizes your PLUs, pricing, touchscreen, employee information and more in advance, so when your EZ-Auth POS system arrives, its ready to ring up more sales – right out of the box.

Online training and support

We’re confident that once you’ve installed your EZ-Auth POS you will be ringing up new sales immediately.  Online training is available 24 hours per day with downloadable lessons and step-by-step instructions.

High speed, secure authorizations

Central Services VPN Internet connection reduces transaction authorizations to a few seconds saving you and your customer time, and most importantly, building customer loyalty.

Grows with your store’s needs

If your store is poised for rapid growth, there is nothing to worry about. EZ-Auth POS is compatible with our full line of TravStar1 POS products, which include outdoor payment terminals, dispenser control and scanning, allowing easy upgrades.


Download the TravStar1 POS EZ-Auth Brochure. Download Here.

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