Proprietary Fleet Card Processing

Accounts and Receivables Management

In-house accounts and receivables management can increase your profits, build store traffic and customer loyalty. The Fiscal Systems proprietary fleet card processing (FSPC) platform harnesses the convenience of the internet and the power of web servers to provide real-time authorizations that enforce fleet purchasing controls.

Convenient and Secure

Fiscal Systems recognizes that every marketer requires a solution that is tailored to meet the needs of their market and customers. The convenient and secure Web interface allows you to manage each of your customers with a simple drag-n-drop or mouse click. Set customer default prompts and controls to minimize customer setup effort. Changes are made online in real-time so the next transaction will be processed with the updated accounts, prompts, controls or credit limits.

A Competitive Advantage

It provides your business a competitive advantage by:

  • Improving the customer’s experience at the pump
  • Improving the customer’s purchase control
  • Providing flexibility to respond to varying fleet customer requirements
  • Providing access to customer transaction data
  • Providing an export function to your accounts receivable software
  • Providing and online customer interface
  • Providing a less expensive transaction than third party fleet card programs


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