Linux Site Controller (LSC)

Fiscal Systems IBM 350 Site ControllerTotal Control

Manages the operations of the 24 hour Fuel Island Terminals and Pump controllers, stores data and driver and vehicle records for proper fleet management and communicates to these devices as well as printers, modems and PCs via a serial port or Ethernet connection.

Grow with your store’s needs

The Site Controller can store thousands of proprietary cards and transactions, so even the largest operations have room to expand. Programming is done right from your PC, either locally or over phone lines using a modem, or via a LAN/WAN connection. Simple menu choices guide you through setup and daily operations.

Power and Flexibility

  • Deployed on standard POS terminals
  • Simultaneously controls two different dispensers
  • Encrypts and re-encrypts payment information
  • Separates internal and external data
  • Dispenser interface
    • All major types
    • Multiple display types
  • Environmental monitoring
    • Veeder Root tank gauge compatible
    • Veeder Root DIM Model
  • Manages up to 32 fuel dispensers, electronic or mechanical

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