(Cardlock) TravStar1 POS FleetLock Unattended Fueling

TravStar1 POS Fleetlock Unattended Fueling (Cardlock)

TravStar1 POS Fleetlock Unattended Fueling (Cardlock)

What is Fleetlock Unattended Fueling?

Unattended FleetLocks are unattended fueling sites designed for fleet vehicles. Unattended Fleetlock Fueling save time and money helping your fleet customers get on the road faster.

Extend Your Brand

The TravStar1 POS FleetLock Unattended Fueling System (Cardlock) extending your brand to the 24 hour Fuel Island where you can market your products and services directly to customers.

Extreme Durability

Durable and built to withstand extreme weather conditions, dust and vehicles exhaust and is capable of operating in any environment.

Easy to Use Touchscreen

Color coded touchscreens reduce cashier training time and errors, building customer loyalty as cashiers quickly and efficiently authorize your customers’ transactions, getting them back on the road faster.

Flexible Interface

The TravStar1 POS FleetLock Unattended Fueling System (Cardlock) easily interfaces with every major brand of fuel dispensers and fleet payment network.

Secure Transactions

Sensitive cardholder data is secured at rest and transport on your store network with AES encryption, reducing risk for you and your customers. TravStar1 POS FleetLock Unattended Fueling System (Cardlock) is validated to PA-DSS v3.1.

Maximize Your POS Investment

Increase your store’s uptime with our 24x7x365 Helpdesk. Reduce your costs with our remote diagnostics and remote software updates. You can engage the Helpdesk by phone, fax, email or web portal.

Retailer Choice Best New Product

TravStar1 POS FleetLock Unattended Fueling System (Cardlock) was nominated as a finalist for CSP Magazine’s “Retailer Choice Best New Product 2012” award.


Download the TravStar1 POS Unattended Fueling Cardlock Brochure. Download here.

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