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Outside EMV Software delivery and installation coordination is critical to ensuring our customers
are ready for the coming liability shift.


Outside EMV is a major achievement for the industry and a coordinated implementation is critical for a timely success. Fiscal Systems is committed to partner with its customers in their EMV installations. Fiscal Systems stands ready to support you throughout the process.


The below chart illustrates the current status of the Fiscal Systems production readiness for Outside EMV installations. If you have any questions, reach out to your sales representative. Note, this chart will change as progress is made and if there are any issues with implementations.

Processor Gilbarco Flexpay IV (Contact, Only) Wayne iX Pay (Contact, Only) Fiscal LPT (Contact, Only) Bennett
Status Target Production Status Target Production Status Target Production Status
Fiserv Production Production Production Production Production Production Production
Heartland Production Production Production Production Production Production Production
Worldpay Ready for Beta TBD Ready for Beta TBD Production Production Production 

Note: The Gilbarco Flexpay II was not selected for Fiscal Systems certification due to limited implementations in our customer base. Please contact your sales representative if there are questions or concerns.



FIRST STEP: Complete your Site Survey!

A OEMV Site Survey is needed to ensure all hardware and software requirements are met before the installation is scheduled. Upon receipt of the site survey, a Fiscal Systems support technician will assess site readiness and schedule a call with you to review any deficiencies and map a plan to get your site EMV ready.

The site survey can be found at this link. Please click here to download it.

Please send your completed site surveys to

SECOND STEP: Ensure you are compliant with Fiscal Systems supported Hardware and Software

Three key areas should be considered in EMV preparation: Dispenser Firmware and Hardware, Site Controller Hardware and Operating System and Communications protocol.

Dispenser Firmware and Hardware
Fiscal is EMV certified against a specific set of dispenser firmware and hardware versions. This hardware must be installed for compatibility with the Fiscal EMV Software and certification. Non-compliance cannot be guaranteed or supported. The detailed dispenser firmware and hardware requirements are available at this link.

Site Controller Hardware and Operating System
Fiscal outside EMV software is compatible with site controller model 350 or newer. In addition, the site controller must be updated with the SUSE SLES 11.4 operating system. Contact your sales representative for SC model upgrades. For questions about your operating system, you may email support at

Communications Protocol
EMV processing requires a new communications protocol, which may result in additional equipment. The detailed requirements are available at this link.

THIRD STEP: Securing Fiscal Outdoor EMV Software

Fiscal Systems outside EMV software will be made available upon submission of the site survey and installation scheduling. Fiscal Systems will be pleased to offer an assisted installation, if needed. With an assisted installation, the outside EMV software will be installed by a Fiscal Technician onsite. With a self-installation, Fiscal Systems will assist the customer with installation protocols for software installation.


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