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James Spahn

James Spahn is the Executive Vice President of Fiscal Systems, a leading software company specializing in Point-of-Sale (POS) and Forecourt solutions for fuel retail and over-the-road truck fleet card payments. With more than twelve years of experience in the industry, James has been an instrumental figure in steering Fiscal Systems and Capstone Logistics (Our Parent Company) towards unprecedented growth and innovation.

James began his career with Capstone Logistics in warehouse logistics and operations. He first developed his passion for payment automation solutions and technology while reducing theft in warehouse operations. His natural acumen for strategic thinking and leadership soon led him to more responsible roles, including National Loss Prevention Manager and, eventually, executive leadership positions.

As the Executive Vice President at Fiscal Systems, James has overseen the development of cutting-edge payment solutions and led initiatives that have streamlined operational efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and increased the company’s market share.

James is a well-regarded thought leader in his field, often invited to speak at industry conferences and panel discussions. He has designed industry-first automated payment solutions for both logistics and fuel. He has led advancements in POS technologies and payment systems, offering valuable insights that have been well-received by his peers.

Outside of his corporate endeavors, James is an active member of veteran and law enforcement organizations, including the 75th Ranger Regiment Association. His commitment to excellence extends to mentoring the next generation of industry leaders, ensuring a well-rounded, continually innovative future for payment technologies.

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