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TravStar1 Point of Sale System

Moment of truth

The point-of-sale (POS) is the moment of truth in convenience retailing. Your customer’s experience is determined by how quickly and efficiently they get through the checkout line or fuel island.

To succeed, you must invest in a reliable and stable technology. Your point-of-sale system must be more than the cost of doing business – it must provide a competitive advantage.


Reduce risk for customers and store owners.


Quick and
intuitive interface.


Adapts to
your needs


transaction records

One Partner, One Platform, The Solution

Now, you can choose a single retail automation solution to manage all of your convenience retailing formats, including convenience stores, truckstops and unattended cardlocks. The TravStar1 POS system provides the necessary structure and flexibility to meet the changing needs of today and the future.

Truck Fleet Sales

Ring up 3rd party fleet cards like Comdata, EFS, Fleet One, TCH and T-Chek on the same POS as cigarettes, chips and Coke. Cashiers are guided through the prompts required for each driver to provide quick service without expensive training. Every transaction can be pre-authorized to eliminate the risk of fraud and drive offs.
Fleet of trucks with cargo trailers. Transport, shipping industry.
Petrol pump in petrol station

Integrated Pump Control

The TravStar1 POS interfaces to all major pump dispensers and card readers. Cashiers can track pump status by easy-to-understand icons on the touchscreen and audible alerts. A simple touch can authorize a pump, prepay a pump or display sales information.

Marketing Opportunities

Draw customers into your store with mix-n-match POS promotions like “buy one get one free”, multiple quantities or product combinations. The TravStar1 POS also supports hosted loyalty programs like Kickback Rewards and Centego. Reward customer loyalty by rolling prices back based on tender presented. The TravStar1 POS also supports hosted loyalty programs like BP Price Rollback and Centego.
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